Youth learn to sing their own songs in northern Ethiopia


Training youth in developing songs from the Word of God.


This time Living Gospel Ethiopia held our training in northern Ethiopia. The church in this area is made up of orthodox or cultural believers. This is the area where the church once flourished, but today, there are only 17 local churches. One encouraging thing is that since our previous training, three new churches have been planted.

We did two trainings in one city:

  1. Leadership training
  2. Teaching church youth how to develop songs from the Word of God.

Comments we received after the training:

  • Leaders said: “This training showed us ourselves and it made us to evaluate our ministry in the past. The training showed us our mistake of being satisfied in Sunday preaching. We think that if we preach on Sunday, that’s enough! But developing others in Christ-likeness is the forgotten work of the kingdom. That is why we do not have anyone behind us who will replace us. We are struggling for our kingdom, rather than God’s kingdom. We thank God who sent you to give us this training.”
  • The youth leaders who took song development said: “In the past we always sang in the church the songs of other people. We did not know how to develop songs from the Bible. But now we learned how and we are starting to sing our own songs. From today on we plan not to sing other people’s songs, but to sing our own songs!”

We hope to work more and more in this region and to encourage the ministers and church planters to do the work effectively and help believers to model Christ-like life to their people.

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