You’re His Queen

Suzan is a Muslim Background yet, accepted Jesus as her savior. Suzan resettled in Jordan after her brothers joined ISIS and threatened her to kill her if they found her.

Recently, in a phone call, Suzan told a Purpose Haven volunteer, “I have never asked for food, but I am hungry.” The volunteer’s heart broke as they listened to her.

“And I don’t have any time left. There is only one hour left until curfew at six o’clock and only the licensed cars are allowed on the street.” The Purpose Haven volunteer called their board member who is a doctor and is allowed after curfew asking him to help Suzan.

The volunteer sent the doctor Suzan’s address and the list of food essentials. The doctor then went to the nearest supermarket and started getting some rice, canned goods and some fruits for her immune system.

The man who owns the market asked the doctor why he was getting those items the last hour before the curfew. “It is for a family in need” replied the doctor.

The Market Owner pleaded “get as much as you want and I will give you a good discount.” After thanking the owner the doctor purchased the food and brought it to Suzan.

Greeting her, the doctor said, “this is from Purpose Haven.” Suzan grabbed one bag and started to walk away. “Come back, all of this is yours, the fruits, the vegetables, all the food,” she looks at him and says, “I feel like a queen.” He replied, “you are a queen and we are always here for you!”

Later that evening Suzan called the volunteer and said, “you are our queen because you are the daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, you’re His queen and all this is from Him, never get hungry when you’re in the family of the body of Christ!”

The volunteer ended the phone call in tears, feeling thankful and their spirit refreshed remember why God called then for a time like this. her refrigerator had food that night.

Names changed and removed for security.

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