You Supported, We Visited, God Moved.

In the second week of November, I visited the Agadez region to understand the work being done after the 2018 DMM training. While there, I had the chance to meet with a sample group of 15 new believers. With them, we help training to help them in their faith and also to help them share it with others. Among them, two Tuareg community leaders who have already been baptized. Indeed, many people are receiving the Lord among the Tuareg people.

Pastor J, who is working among them, was once directly supported by our ministry. Then, we helped him develop an Income Generating Project to allow him to become independent.

When we visited him, he shared: “With the amount of money you gave me, I bought two goats: one male and one female. Fortunately, the female has been giving birth to 2 to 3 kids at the same time. This blessing has allowed us to buy two refrigerators with which we produce ice and cold water for sale. Currently, we can feed ourselves, we continue the work in the region. I am satisfied with who I am today, and I am confident that our condition will evolve in a way that we’ll be able to increase the scope of God’s work. 

[see the video testimony below]

We have several groups in the Ingal department. There, community leaders are giving their lives to Christ. We have just recorded seven conversions in the village of Amatoltol. Your support has been necessary for these achievements. We’ve had the privilege to baptize some of the new believers, and others are waiting.

More support will allow us to go further in this work, and also help those that are being persecuted. Indeed, once converted to Christ, their families reject the majority of Tuaregs. Sometimes, their spouses are withdrawn by their siblings, and even their herd is taken from them.”

Pastor J is teamwork with a former rebel who is now a disciple of Issa Al-Massih. They often travel around the area to offer transformation to former rebels.

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