Years of Faithful Prayer Yield Results

Years of Faithful Prayer Yield ResultsR* is a woman from one of the Muslim Unreached People Groups in South Sumatra who first heard about Jesus Christ three years ago, and has since been discipled by a female church planter from our ministry ever since. She became a believer after three years of this discipleship. Recently, though, she has been faced with difficult challenges. Another former Muslim woman was baptized at the same time as R*, but she was no longer enthusiastic about discipleship. Besides that, the gospel stories that R* had been sharing with her husband, children, and neighbors were not received well. In their tribal culture, women are not permitted to teach men, or to know something new before men do. Even if they do know something new, they are supposed to be quiet about it. Eventually, the feeling of being alone in defending her faith made her depressed, and she began to doubt the power of the Gospel and the deity of Jesus.

Early in September, after about one year of prayer and planning, Cahaya Suku held a summer camp for the children of new believers in South Sumatra. R’s* son E* and his friend wanted to attend, so she went along with them. During the camp, E* and his friend believed in Jesus and decided to be baptized. Seeing this, R* was so joyful and amazed that she hardly believed what she was witnessing. She wanted to make sure that they did not make the decision to follow Jesus because they felt they had to, so she questioned their decision again. They firmly said they believed because they now knew the truth, and that they felt no compulsion from anyone.

Since her son made this decision, she has started to regain her confidence that her husband would also believe in Jesus. After returning from camp, she slowly began talking about her faith with him, and said that E* has also come to know the truth. E* immediately convinced his father that Jesus had come to the world not to save religion but to save sinful people. Hearing this statement, his father admitted that he had heard this message from someone else, but did not want to believe because it was a Christian belief. He said that he needed some time to reflect on what they had told him.

Seeing that her husband had begun to open up to the Gospel message, R* invited the Cahaya Suku church planter who had disciple her to come to her house, along with a male church planter. They came and preached the Gospel in her home, and praise God, her husband believed in Jesus that same day. The baptism ceremony was carried out two days later.

R* was so joyful that God had granted what she had prayed about for three years. She became convinced that nothing is impossible for God, and that we only need to be fervent in prayer and wait patiently for God to answer. Let’s give thanks to God for the works He has done in this family and continue to pray that their faith in Christ will grow and their love for Him will grow stronger.

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