A Year in God’s Providential Care

As we look back on 2017, we are grateful for God’s providence and care for our ministry at Cahaya Suku and for all the staff, church planters and their families. We faced difficulties, challenges and problems at all regional/branch places of service, but we see it as a means of discipline from God. It also helped us exercise our faith so that we will keep growing into the likeness of His Son who overcame all the trials that He faced during His life on earth.

Typical neighborhood where church planting teams live and minister.

Throughout the year, our 38 church planters shared the Gospel with 12,138 Muslims. Of this number, 673 people welcomed the good news and believed in the salvation that is in Christ. Of those new believers, 56 people accepted baptism as a sign of repentance.

In addition, week after week our church planters met with and discipled 130 people. At our ministry branch in Sumatra Island, one house church was formed last year. The new believers shared their new faith with others so that more people came to Christ. But apart from that, we also faced a tough challenge as some house churches had to stop meeting temporarily due to threats and intimidation from their local communities.

We ask you to pray about our main concern which is the need for more workers/church planters. Our Cahaya Suku director visited nine Bible colleges last year in an effort to recruit new workers. Most graduates prefer to take a position in an established church rather than minister among the Unreached People Groups. Praise God that four of these Bible colleges agreed to send students as workers and interns to our organization. Hopefully, with your prayers, more and more Christians in Indonesia will see God’s plan to bring salvation to the Unreached People Groups and choose to take part in His blessed work.

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