Yay, First Group Formed!

Pak Ahmu*, aged 61, builds houses for a living. He was baptized in July 2017 five months after he confessed to believe. The first challenge we gave after he was baptized was for him to tell the stories he had heard to Pak Sal*, his friend and coworker. Initially we hoped that Pak Ahmu would share the Gospel with Pak Sal but since Pak Sal was always present when we came, we shared the Gospel ourselves. On that very occasion, Pak Sal confessed to believe. After that, Pak Ahmu was confident and able to disciple Pak Sal, in the same way we were discipling Pak Ahmu.


We do discipleship and training with Pak Ahmu once a week, every Thursday afternoon after he comes home from work. We had hoped to meet him twice a week but he is often busy. At our next meeting, we trained Pak Ahmu how to share the Gospel with others, to tell the stories from Scripture, how to baptize, how to form groups and lead the group. We also asked him to list the names of his family members and friends he will meet and tell the Gospel to.


The process of discipleship and training does not always work well because we meet in the coffee shops where there are sometimes many patrons. We have suggested meeting outside of the village for security reasons but Pak Ahmu says it would take too much time to get there. Besides, we have not found a comfortable and safe place to meet at night outside their village.


Pak Ahmu told Pak Sal about baptism, but he was not ready to be baptized. We encouraged Pak Ahmu to keep sharing the next stories while waiting for Pak Sal to be ready to be baptized.


Pak Ahmu shares the Gospel with about three local people each month. Among those who have heard the Gospel are members of his family, his friends and people he knows. Early this year (2018) he won two friends to Jesus, Pak Ma* and Pak Abu*. They both have the same profession and often work together to build or repair houses.


At our meeting in March 2018, we encouraged Pak Ahmu to gather his believing friends into one group and disciple them together. We trained him how to start group meetings, teach faith confessions, convey the vision of believers, teach new scriptural stories, lead discussions, summarize lessons in one meeting, plan activities to do together and how to close a meeting. Pak Ahmu is very happy to learn to do all the stages we trained.


Thank God! In mid-March 2018 the first group was formed among the people group we are serving and the group is led by Pak Ahmu! In addition to Pak Ma and Pak Abu, Pak Sal also joined this group that meets once a week in coffee shops or in other safe places. Their meetings sometimes do not go according to the agreed schedule because they are busy with work, but they are very happy to learn together in the group.


Just as God leads us in discipling and training Pak Ahmu, God also guides him in sharing the Gospel, forming a group and discipling believers in the group. And all of this is made possible by the grace of God and by you who are standing with us in prayer and financial support. Thank you!


*Names changed for security reasons

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