Worker Unhindered During Rebel Attack

Worker Unhindered Even During Rebel Attack

We visited the Syrian territories during the last ten days of the month of March. Shortly after the arrival of AWEMA staff in Damascus, there were fierce clashes and a surprising rebel attack. An AWEMA worker was in his hostel when shooting started all around the place, just meters away from where he was staying. The scene and sounds of the attack and the shooting terrified him because of how close it was. The shooting was happening all through the buildings of the neighborhood, and it almost reached his hostel.

On the same day of this attack, the AWEMA headquarters in Cairo received a call from the worker in Damascus. The sounds of firing and bombing in the background were terrifyingly loud and nonstop. The call was to ask our team for prayer for His protection, as well as for the protection of the women serving in this region. As soon as we started praying, God gave us peace. The worker there believed that God was present with him in that situation. The prayers made him strong and confident that God would bring him through. We now thank God that on the next day, the shooting stopped and our worker and all the women serving in the area came out safely.

After that, our worker was able to meet the women and pray together with them. As days went by, the situation became more stable, and the number of women coming to the meeting point increased. We were able to meet with 61 women during that visit. We thank God that the shooting was unable to prevent us from meeting, praying and encouraging them. We shared God’s message, listened and prayed with them. We also thank God that the shooting didn’t stop us from providing the women and their families with social and food supplies that they needed, especially in these circumstances.




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