Women’s camp


There were some 210 women from the AEES churches who gathered for three days at the beginning of June 2017. They focused on the subject of child upbringing. The camp idea was born in February when a short teaching on the same subject was delivered to 73 women by PIWA. The facilitator is a pastor and the West Africa SIU Coordinator.


The second Vice Mayor of Oussouye who was present at the opening ceremony said, “This is the kind of meeting we need. When you attend them you learn something. I am going home with the challenge to be more engaged in the education of my kids.”


Mrs. Bassene*, a participant said:


As a Christian mother, I already had an idea on how to raise my children in a Godly manner. But the teachings, the discussions, and the shared stories created a clearer vision.


In the context of Senegal, the mobilization was unique. 18 different regions in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau were represented. We have been much blessed to come out of our daily activities for a time of fellowship like this.


Perspectives are promising. During the closing session, the women responded to a challenge from the facilitator by committing themselves to support one AEES missionary in unreached areas for a monthly cost.


The PRODEV Board thanks you for helping to make these things happen.


*Name has been changed for security reasons. 


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