Equip. Empower. Encourage.

Partners International’s Women’s Ministry seeks to equip, empower, and encourage Christian women in the least Christian regions of the world. We come alongside women leaders in our partner ministries to bring holistic initiatives such as micro-enterprise, health and nutrition, literacy and community development to build the Body of Christ. With your help, we bring God’s resources, training and perspective and empower Christian women to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Life as a woman leader in the least Christian regions can be difficult and lonely. We seek to identify key leaders in each of the regions where Partners works, train those leaders, and encourage them to mentor others. This proves to be a reproducible and sustainable way to build up godly women who serve our Lord in the hard places. We invite you to partner with us in strengthening Christian women in the least Christian regions of the world.



With more than 30 life-giving projects, Partners International is helping to change the lives of women every day. Supporters like you help us empower women in the following ways:

Discipleship Training

> 34% of women worldwide claim Christianity (larger than any other group)

Community Development Education

> 39,000 girls become child brides each day

Health and Nutrition Education

> Every 60 Seconds a young woman dies from pregnancy complications

Vocational Development & Micro-Loans

> 70% of the world’s poor are women

Relational Health

> 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime

From starting a small business to learning how to effectively study the Bible, with a little support, these projects have a big impact!



Women are often placed in positions of leadership based on marriage to a pastor or ministry leader. Some come to leadership due to lack of another experienced person to step up.

The Global Women’s Leadership Initiative is designed to identify key leaders, grow those leaders, connect them with each other, and encourage them to mentor others.

We build the capacity of women leaders, enabling them to have the confidence, knowledge, tools and Biblical teaching they need to minister to others.



Women Empowering Women is a program that encourages groups of women in the U.S. to creatively impact the lives of women who are living in the least Christian places.

They commit to meet, pray, and raise awareness and funds for a Partners International women’s project, leader, or ministry.

As one group leader shared, “When I heard about Women Empowering Women, it felt like a perfect way for me to be able to help, at least a few women, have a better life and come to know Jesus. We started our group less than a year ago and God has blessed our lives beyond measure.” –Pam, Sagle, Idaho

Joining a Women Empowering Women group is an easy way to get involved and make a tangible difference in the world.