Witnessing God’s Healing and Grace

We express our gratitude to you for your support and collaboration, which encourages us and helps us to move forward in the work that the Lord has entrusted to us here in Algeria.

Also, we share our joy with you as we see all those who come to the Lord and are added to the church every day. Our team follows up with our TV listeners by accompanying them, visiting them, and forming prayer groups in the villages that are far from the churches. One of our teams has launched a project to develop the media that will make our production available online for people to watch and download our films, testimonies, musical songs, and teachings.

Ramadan is a difficult period for daily life in the country, because of the Muslim fasting, which began on May 6th and ended on June 5th. On top of that, there are also protests that continue every Friday, in the streets, millions of people are demanding more justice, democracy, and more freedom. However, this also provides opportunities to announce the good news to all those who thirst for the truth. We need your prayers for these difficult times.

ABLE May June 2019

A family touched by the power of our Lord:

My husband and I live in a small village with our five children, one of whom is disabled. One afternoon while watching television, there was a program that spoke about Jesus in my language, it caught my attention. I was surprised because it felt as though the person was speaking directly to me. I intrigued by every word, and there was a prayer at the end to which I opened my heart.

The next night I had a dream where someone dressed in white approached me and said: “Don’t worry, I am Jesus, I will heal your son, he will heal gradually.”

The next morning, what a surprise it was to hear my son call me “mother” for the first time, I was overcome with emotion so strong that I could not hold back my tears. I firmly believed what Jesus had promised he would do. As of now, my son has made so much progress that it is hard to believe where he started.

Most importantly, my husband and children have accepted faith in Jesus, and we have just met a church a few miles away. Pray for the total healing of my son and that we may be able to carry His word around us and that a church may be formed in our village.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for the situation of several churches in different parts of Algeria that have been closed by the country’s authorities without any founded reasons.
  • For the Algerian government, may the Lord bend their hearts in favor of the church.
  • For the Presidential Elections in Algeria (scheduled for 2019), may our Lord be in control of these elections for the good of his church.
  • For TV Program Listeners. Those who are sick, persecuted because of their Christian faith, without work, without housing. For couples in difficulty.
  • For our work teams, for their encouragement and protection.

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