Window Display Acts as Gateway to the Gospel

As O* was walking by our bookshop recently he noticed our ‘Word in the Window’ – which is our daily Bible verse that we have on display – and stopped to read it. He stood there about one minute, until he felt the courage to come inside and ask questions about the Christian faith. We talked with him for an hour and a half, and we could sense the eagerness and hunger he had to know more about who God really is.

One of the ideas that impacted him the most during this discussion is that the god he worships is never described as a god of love in his religion, which was a poignant point to consider in his set of beliefs. Praise God for using a tool as simply as this Bible verse display to enable us to share the full Gospel message with O*, answering all his questions and correcting his misconceptions about Christ. He gladly received an audio Bible that includes a full set of teaching with it in Arabic.

Please keep him in your prayers, so that he may make the decision to follow the Bread of Life. In the Holy Land, people love to create relationships and start a conversation – even with strangers! God has blessed our team with the passion to reach out and connect with people as the Spirit of God leads and empowers us.

Prayer requests:

  • Join us in praying for the man who came into our bookshop. We pray that he will continue to be eager to seek the truth about God and come to know the true Gospel and a relationship with Christ.
  • Lift a prayer of praise for the two sisters who accepted Christ through our relief team visits. May they no longer be slaves to the fears they once had, but grow in the freedom of knowing Christ.
  • Please pray for the healing of the sick lady our relief team visited. Pray also for those she invited to receive prayer, that they will have had an encounter with the living God that will be transformative in their lives.
  • Give praise for the non-Christian family who invited our team to pray in the name of Jesus. We pray that they will come to know Him as their savior and not as a ‘prophet’ as their religion says.
  • Please pray for our discipleship team. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they disciple people, and pray that the Lord would open doors for them to reach those who do not yet know Him.


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