“What’s more important–temporal or eternal?”

Jono, a church planter with Sundanese Christian Fellowship in West Java, was prayer walking in his ministry area. As he was passing a house, he noticed the door open and a man sitting on the terrace.


It was as if  a small voice spoke to Jono and encouraged him to go and speak to this man, even though the sky was darkening and it looked as if it was going pour down rain. The man welcomed Jono and the two started talking, first about the house; then about the land and the neighborhood. Jono learned that the man’s name was Tarjo, he was 40, and he had lived there a long time.


Eventually the conversation moved on to deeper issues related to eternity. Jono asked: “What do you think is more important — things eternal or things temporal?”


Tarjo responded that the important thing for him was that he would be saved, though he seemed rather unsure.


Jono looked at him and asked, “But are you sure you will be saved?”


Tarjo replied: “I once asked two people who had been on the Hajj pilgrimage [to Mecca] where people go when they die. Will they go to heaven or where? But they couldn’t give me a clear answer. ‘Hopefully’ was all they could say.”


Hearing his answer, Jono immediately shared the Good News with Tarjo, explaining that we can only have salvation through Jesus, and that only through Him can we go to heaven. He told Tarjo that if he would receive Jesus, God would forgive his sins, for that is why Jesus came to earth.


Praise God, Tarjo trusted in Jesus and received Him into his life. “Wow, my heart feels so light since you prayed, for I have never known about heaven. It was a mystery to me,” Tarjo declared, full of joy.


“Yes, nothing is by chance. God has a plan for you,” concluded Jono, while preparing to leave.

A week later, Jono and Tarjo met again, and Jono began to disciple Tarjo, so that he would grow in his faith and be prepared for baptism. Tarjo has now been baptized and continues to study with Jono and to grow in his relationship with Jesus. Praise the Lord who leads Jono to prepared hearts.

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