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MENA JOEP oct 2020 update1

Although we haven’t been able to meet the inmates in person, we continue to follow up on their cases and call them periodically over the phone to encourage them and pray with them. They also call us frequently whenever they are allowed their personal calling time. We continue to provide them with calling cards to contact their families in their home countries.

We were contacted several times by the prison managements to provide hygiene kits and medical supplies for the inmates, and we worked diligently to provide them in a timely manner. They also requested some medical supplies for handicapped inmates, and we gladly provided them with wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers for their medical centers.

Our team also provides food supplies for inmates’ families and safe house inmates. The women’s safe house is constantly provided with food, hygiene kits, and clothing through our team and partners in ministry.

One inmate called us last week asking us to support him in resuming his high school study to pass the governmental high school exams to pursue his dream to go to college. Our team encouraged him and gladly paid the fees for exam enrollment. We pray that he would pass his exams to start building a better future once he is out of prison.

MENA JOEP oct 2020 update3 blur

Another inmate whom we’ve been following up for a long time had faced medical problems and required surgery. We obtained special permits to visit him, and his condition is now stable and he is back in prison to continue his recovery.

We also recently helped some released inmates travel back to their country. We pray for more inmates who are waiting for administrative legal procedure to be finalized to help them travel back to their families in their home countries.

Please pray that we obtain needed permissions to go back into prisons to meet our beloved imprisoned brothers and sisters. We’re still prevented from visiting despite the increasing demand from inmates. Our team hasn’t been able to go into prisons to meet the inmates face-to-face since April.

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