We Move Forward with His Guidance

Despite the pandemic and restrictions, all our partners continue to minister in different and new ways. Weekly fasting, prayers, Bible studies, and small group meetings continue for our ministry workers. Various ministries use social media in evangelizing, disciple-making, and training.

The Lord made it possible for our teams to visit and encourage small groups of believers in many places in North Africa. Praise God for the many miracles and amazing things He did in these visits! Here are two short testimonies from those visits.

A 67-year-old man could not see well and was scared to have surgery on his eyes. When our team prayed for him, he heard the voice of our Lord Jesus Christ say, “Do not be afraid. I am with you,” and he could see! His wife saw this miracle in her husband’s eyes, and she too put her faith in the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! They were both baptized.

A family had an illiterate but very religious daughter. One day, when she was preparing to pray, she heard a voice inside her say, “Search the truth.” She answered, “How can I search the truth when I cannot read?” A copy of the New Testament, which belonged to her brother, “happened” to be left in her room.

Muslim Woman Bible

During the night, Jesus came to her in her sleep and told her to take the New Testament and read. She answered, “How can I? I do not know how to read.” Three times, Jesus said to her, “Pick up the book and read.” When she woke up, she picked up the book and found herself reading it! She read like a university student and understood everything she read. Praise the Lord; the whole family came to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as a result!

May God grant us wisdom to follow up and disciple all the new believers. Pray that each one grows into a faithful disciple of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Pray too that they would be fruitful disciples to bring others to Him in North Africa and beyond. May He continue to guide us to the different regions of North Africa prepared by His powerful Holy Spirit, to share the Gospel and bring many to faith in Him, and may the Lord protect us from the evil one.

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