We have a police officer in the family!

Like yeast in the dough, like a mustard seed, the Kingdom of God continues transforming lives! In the word of God, we read stories of people for whom humanly it was “impossible” to be transformed by Jesus. Today as before, He continues changing lives!

SPPM Aug 2019
In the Muslim country where we serve, the police are very much respected and feared. They are also the guardians of the Islamic faith, to abandon the faith is a criminal offense. We celebrate that a police officer is now a spiritual brother!
In this story, we will call him Ahmed*. Some time ago, a brother baptized him, confirming his faith in the Lord. However, the brother’s fears of being turned in by this new Christian caused him to cut off his relationship with Ahmed. Ahmed contacted other Christians, but when they learned of he was a police officer and a Christian, they distanced themselves from him. That didn’t stop his search for community.

“My desire to be connected with other Christians lead me down new paths. I began watching the videos on the YouTube channel Al**. I watched them for some time, and finally dared to contact them. They responded, and we began a relationship.”

Ahmed is not ashamed of his faith, and he shares it with friends, family members, and even at work, gaining the respect of everyone.

He began attending the meetings of brothers in another city, and they have visited him in his town. Because of his position, he has access to a lot of information, and assures us that: “There are Christians in every sector and throughout the country. The solution for our nation is the Messiah.”

*Changed name for security reasons.
**Removed channel name for security.

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