We Decided to Take Part in the Project

Greetings, my name is Vi, I am a 54-year-old woman. I was raised by a poor family. I have 6 siblings, and I am the second child. As of now I was married and have my own family. I have 5 children. All of my children are married, and I have grandchildren. 

I have been a widow for over 10 years already. I got to know the Lord and am part of the cell church from Prey Vaeng village, Pursat province. I first received the good news of the Lord from the Fountain of Hope. 

As I reflected back on my life living as a widow, it was really difficult. I became both parents of my children. I had to take care of every need in the family. Even with 4 grandchildren, things became even more quite challenging. Due to inadequate income, some of my children, the parents of my grandchildren, went off to Thailand to work, so that the family can be sustained. However, taking care of their children became my responsibility. 

I have oftentimes wished that my family is wealthy and living better, but what I have thought was different from reality. One day the staff from the Fountain of Hope came to share with our cell church about the Cow Bank Project. When hearing about the project, I thought to myself that the Lord must have heard my prayers. He is answering my request. I consulted with my children and we decided to take part in the project. Afterward, I went on with the training and heed all the policy of the cow bank project. After about 2 months later, I was chosen to be a receiver of a cow. 

CBFH may June update

I am truly grateful that the Lord has blessed me with a female cow. I have raised and care for that cow for over three years already. Through times, the cow has produced offspring for me and right now I am taking care of another female calf that just recently born. I am truly glad that the Lord continues to bless me. I was praying for a female calf. Now I received one, indeed. 

It is a joy to see the results produced by my hard work. I am surprised and also glad that this has helped my family’s livelihood on another level. I could see the good work and what the cow bank project has been for the poor community, as my current cow was an offspring from another widow who had looked after another cow just like me now. I took care of the cow when it was 8 months old. At first, it was difficult to handle as the cow was new with me, but up to 3 years now I have learned great lessons until this cow has provided its offspring for me. 

I am committed to this project and will try my best to look after the cow so that it will continue to produce well and serve others through its offspring along the way. I want to bless all the staff, FOH, and its partners God’s grace and blessings. Thank you for serving and caring for poor widows like myself. 

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