We Continue to Sow the Seeds

God blessed us this year (2019) with opening new doors for ministry to serve the believers and churches in places that suffer from wars and persecutions. Now we have a program for 2019-2020 to support churches in six countries. We see the blessed fruits of this program that was held in each of these countries. Some workers invest their time both into training new believers and in proclaiming the Gospel in these countries.

EGAW ATI students 2007 4

The Lord is faithful; we are blessed to see how new believers are being transformed through His word.

In June, we finished the graduation of a new class from Augustine Theological Institute (ATI) which is held by AWEMA in partnership with Daystar University, Kenya. Ten students graduated (7 women, 3 men) and received their diploma in theological studies after six months of studying.

We thank God for women and children’s spiritual and social ministries. We also thank God for the Sudanese refugee ministry and Syrian refugee ministry. We are planning to start a school for Syrian refugee children this year. We have assisted dozens of refugee women and children, and the Lord has allowed us to sow the message of Salvation in everyone. We have been given the privilege of seeing some of these dozens follow Jesus.

This is an overview of God’s work among us. We need your prayers to support these ministries to glorify the Lord in MENA.


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