We Advance by Making Disciples

It’s a joy to greet you at the start of this new year. We are so grateful for your partnership to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Might you be encouraged as you read this brief update of what He Lord is doing through this ministry.

Timothy Discipleship & Leadership Training School

Nine students completed the year-long program at our Timothy school. Four of them are interested to reach out to the lost in other parts of the country, and a couple are looking to join a local brother in the south part of the country. There is no local church in that town. God willing, as soon as the local brother finds accommodation for them, they will join him. 

Graduate testimonies: “At the beginning of the school year, I just accompanied my church members to classes. I have attended other schools outside the country, but I soon discovered that the Timothy school is very good. I especially liked being taught by local teachers. God has worked deeply in my life and I am willing to give up my position at my local church and go out as a missionary. Please pray for me.”

“In the beginning I just came to have a look at the school, but then I discovered the conditions were favorable for me to stay and study. A false teaching has been corrected in my life. My wife and I completed the year program and now we will be going as missionaries to the south of this country. Your prayers are very appreciated.”

COVID-19 & the Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown caused a lot of problems and challenges among people, including believers. So far, we have served 24 churches and distributed over 700 food packages. It has been a big relief for many people because they could not afford to buy all the food they needed for their families. We also distributed over 90 food packages to African immigrants.

An African sister: “I have fasted and prayed that God intervene and provide for our need. I was overjoyed and very thankful for the way God provided for us, especially from these brothers and sisters.”

A local brother: “I opened my Bible, reading and praying Psalm 121. The food packages that I received are a great answer to prayer and an expression of God’s love to me and my family. It has helped me trust in God more and share my faith with others.”

Praise the Lord that in spite all the challenges we have been facing as a ministry, God helped us to finish the school year. Pray the Lord sends us more students for the current academic year. Praise the Lord for the many lives that have been deeply touched by the food relief. Might it open hearts to see the truth and believe in Him.

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