A Way Out of Marital Crisis For Young Migrant Workers



Traditional Chinese marriage has many attributes that are in line with the Word. For instance, wives should respect and be obedient to their husbands; spouses should be loyal to each other, etc. The good values come from the 2000 year old-style school, daily influence by the parents and sanction of the local community (neighbors of the village). In the 1950’s, the political change and the following urbanization broke the old, but good education environment. In rural China, without adequate education and jobs, young people are leaving hometowns and working in cities. They are what we call migrant workers or labor workers. Without any preparation/education and sanction, they rush into and out of marriage according to their feelings.


“When we serve the migrant workers, we found that the young couples often face marital crisis. They have all kinds of problems, finance, relationship, sex, children, etc. Many husbands have affairs. Many couples came to us asking for help. We see a great need for marriage workshops and counseling.”

God used our marriage workshop to turn around two marriages. One of the couples has been living separately for some time and was in the process of getting a divorce. After coming to two sessions of workshop, they have calmed down and decided to reconcile. The husband found a new job near home and moved back to be with his wife and children. Both couples have experienced significant improvement in their marriage. One of the wives made a commitment to the Lord in the process!


So far, there are about 270 million migrant workers in China, 70% are in their 20’s and 30’s. They are at a learning stage about marriage, learning to be husband and wife, learning to taking responsibility for their children and aging parents. A stable and healthy marriage is important, but who’s going to teach them? Please remember these young migrant workers and this ministry in your prayers and that:

  • More and more families will be strongly built on the Truth of God.
  • This ministry will provide more God inspired programs to address the needs of the young migrant workers and their children.
  • The ministry team will continue growing in ability and faith.
  • Leaders will be raised up through training.

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