Walking to Jesus

Ashaki* is a five-year-old girl who, when she was born, due to lack of care in proper medical supervision, suffered from a broken hip at the moment of delivery.

Since her injury wasn’t adequately attended, she grew up with difficulties walking, constant pain, and other complications. In May, during Ramadan, her mother approached our center to learn if we could help her daughter with physical therapy. When her daughter was seen by the physical therapist for a diagnosis, she was able to see that Ashaki needed hip surgery. This would significantly improve her quality of life and ability to walk.


We accompanied her when she went to see a specialist, and with project funds and other donations, we were able to cover the costs of the operation for Ashaki.

Her family was completely surprised by the love that they received and the generous help. Not only financial support but also accompanying during the multiple consultations, doctor’s visits, and regular visits to the home. Her mom told us that she had committed to asking for God’s help for her for her daughter during Ramadan, and then she started receiving support from Christians. This opened doors to be able to share with her about the love of God. After multiple visits and sharing with this family, her mother expressed her desire to follow Christ

Ashaki is a beautiful girl, always happy and thankful in the midst of her difficulties. We are all encouraged when we see her and hear from her. She isn’t able to go to school yet, but we have been visiting her house periodically and bringing her materials that her mother can teach her.

Meanwhile, we continue praying that she might recover (an additional surgery will be necessary). Her life has changed thanks to the work of the center, and the generous offerings which permitted us to help her. What brings us the most joy, is that the light of Jesus has now entered this home.

*Name has been changed for security purposes.

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