Volunteers Care for Elderly Village Resident

The man in this picture is living in a very rural area. He has never been married, and has no children. The house that he is living in is very small and badly in need of several repairs. A few days ago, the kitchen roof collapsed, and he hasn’t been able to eat well since then.

When we were told about him, we decided that we needed to visit him. We called together a team of volunteers, both Christian and non-Christian, to go help him out. Some of our group brought him gifts of new sheets, towels, and other basic necessities. While we were there, we also did his laundry.

After seeing all that we had done for him, this elderly man broke into tears. We pray now that we can continue bringing hope and faith into this man’s life.

A Catholic friend of ours found out about this ministry we had done, and he was amazed, saying, “It seems that Christian volunteers are being the salt and light of the world, just as the Bible commands!”

Please keep this elderly man in your prayers, as he still has daily struggles that will not go away with just one visit from our team.

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