Vocational Trainings in Tailoring and Handicrafts

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Tailoring Courses

This year 32 women were trained to completion in tailoring skills out of a total of 40 who registered. They have learned how to use the tailoring machines available at the center. They have also learned how to design and cut different styles of clothing and sew and decorate them. The trainees are able to sew clothes for men, women and children.

The women made hand bags, pillows and pillow cases; long women’s casual dresses; shirts and pairs of shorts for school children; and table and chair covers.


Handicrafts and Tie-Dye Courses

In the past year, 55 trainees received different types of handicraft works. All in this class managed to complete their course. The trainees learned skills of making different artifacts, some using beads to produce wall artifacts or furniture covers, tie-die cloth materials, etc.


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