Vocational Training and Disciple Making

Our local leaders in the Horn of Africa are providing vocational training to help people support their families. This holistic outreach helps meet physical needs while providing Bible studies for spiritual growth.

Recently we had a training for 56 people. The goal of the training was to encourage people to start new Bible study groups and invite others so they can reach more people with the gospel and form more groups. As a result, 15 new Bible study groups were started. 

To help needy families, the team bought two cows who gave birth. When the calves are bigger, they will be given to two families to help them financially.

woman sewing and three young boys helping

The outreach team also recently bought five sewing machines. Ten young ladies from the church are training in dress-making. After they graduate, they will form a dress-making group to make and sell school uniforms and other types of clothing.

The investment of our local leaders in this community is advancing the gospel and impacting lives eternally. 

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