Visiting in New Areas

We visited a new area to expand our ministry so that more local people would have the opportunity to hear the Good News. This area is about an hour and a half away by motorbike. Along the way, we passed through oil palm plantations, rivers, and farmland. Local people were busy. Some were harvesting the palm oil, fishermen were preparing their traditional equipment, and farmers were working in the fields.

Seeking an opportunity to tell someone the good news, we reached the end of the village, that’s when we saw Mr. R working in his field. We stopped and approached him. After getting acquainted, he asked about our work. We explained that we were employed to facilitate the opening of village libraries. He invited us to his home a few meters away, and as his wife and children were not at home at the time, we were free to share the Good News.

We explained how all our sins could be forgiven. He said that sin cannot be forgiven even though we try to obey God’s commands.

“So when will your sins be forgiven, Sir?” we asked.

“Will it be on the last day?” “Only God knows,” he answered.

“You’re right,” we explained, “Indeed only God can provide a way of forgiveness for the sin of all people. Our own efforts cannot guarantee that the debt of all our sin is paid. Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?”

Mr. R was willing to hear stories about Jesus Christ, so we told him about the forgiveness of sins and salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“That’s why we are sure that our sin has been forgiven, Sir,” we said firmly. “Does this story make sense to you?”

Mr. R replied, “Yes, it makes sense because humans will always sin.” He had heard the story of Jesus before, but not clearly.

“Do you want your sin to be forgiven according to God’s way through the death and resurrection of Jesus?” we asked him.

“This story is the truth, Jesus is one and united with God,” he said.

We then read Romans 10: 9 and guided Mr. R to pray to receive Jesus as his Savior. Then we went on to tell about baptism and to explain its meaning. We said of the story of the Ethiopian eunuch who gave himself to be baptized after believing. Mr. R understood what we told about baptism and was ready to be baptized that day, and he was.

After baptism, we continued with the story of the sons of Sceva, explaining that people who believe in Jesus Christ must depend only on God and not other spirits. Mr. R stated that he had no more talismans and was not using the powers of darkness. We went on to explain to him that believers in Jesus are united with him (John 15: 1-8).

The following week we told him stories about Peter, Cornelius and the head of the jail in Philippi. We also began to train him to share about Jesus with others. Mr. R planned to share the story of Jesus with his wife and his children.

At the next meeting, Mr. R said that he had shared about Jesus with his wife, but she rejected everything. She is an active participant with other women of the village in religious activities.

In addition to looking for local people who are open in areas close to where we live, we also visit new areas further away. This strategy helps to reduce the suspicions of people around us if we do not attend their areas too frequently.


  • Pray that Mr. R’s faith will grow.
  • Pray that the discipleship process will work well.
  • Pray that Mr. R’s life will be so changed by the Holy Spirit that his wife will begin to question and to believe. Pray that he will continue to share the Good News with others even though he has been rejected.
  • Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and creativity in sharing the Good News and discipling believers.

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