Visions and Unlikely Evangelism

Visions and Unlikely EvanglismToday I took a trainee Greg* to two different towns to do some evangelism. We shared with two men, one in each town. One interesting thing about the man in one of the towns was that he is a civil servant in the Department of Population. He has a long Taliban-style beard—maybe a Muslim activist or radical. He attended an Islamic boarding school and has founded a mosque. Probably the least likely person for us to be talking with, but here we were.

After a long visit with him in his home, he asked me why I really came to his home. I answered by telling him that I came to pray for his family, my answer made him relax. I was able to explain who Jesus is to him and then I was able to pray for his wife who was sick.

After Greg* and I finished praying, we excused ourselves. Before we walked out the door, the man grabbed my arm to stop me. With a surprised look on his face, he told us that several days earlier he had a dream in which he saw a vision. The vision was a shining cross. Greg* and I immediately took this as an opportunity to continue, so I shared more in-depth about Jesus and the cross.

The man told us to come back any time to meet again. Praise God for this experience that encouraged both Greg* and myself. Afterwards, I sent Greg* a message reminding him to follow up with these men and follow the approach I modelled for him.

Prayer Requests:

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  • Geoff*, a high school aged boy in Jakarta contacted us. He watches our program on YouTube. He contacted us over the phone, from the number we have listed. He is interested in learning about repentance. We are trying to contact him.
  • Doug* has watched our television program several times and he is amazed that there is a Christian television program in his language, Sundanese. We have just started talking with him. Pray for our follow up.

*names have been changed for security purposes

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