Villages Welcome Medical Caravan

Last month we shared about one of the villages our Medical Caravan visited. Now that the 10-day event is over, we will share some of the outcomes, positive and a few negative.


The local medical organizations knew about our Medical Caravan and were open to work with us. We could see their good attitude when they gave permission for our Medical Caravan and medical staff to come to their village. God gave us favor and we really felt many were praying for these two weeks.


Goal of our Medical Caravan: To share His shalom through our free medical clinic.

Medical Caravan Team:

4 Family Doctors, 1 pediatrician, 1 physiotherapist, 2 gynecologists,  2 nurses, 4 people serving children, 4 people collecting people’s basic information for the doctors, and 11 translators.


On August 14-24, our medical clinic visited in three villages for two weeks. The first two villages are situated near the mountains. Clinic started at 9.30 a.m. and ended at 4.30 p.m. every day. There were no obstacles to the running of the clinic as the leaders used good time management and were well organized.

Village #1 – 233 registered: more than half visited at least two doctors during three days.

Village #2 – 294 registered: most of the people were checked by three doctors during three days.

Village #3 – 158 registered: most of the people were invited from previous year who needed to be rechecked. They visited at least two doctors.

Strong Points:

  • People could have urine, pregnancy and sugar tests as well as knowing weight, height, BMI and blood pressure.
  • People could have free medications for treatment and vitamins after seeing the doctor.
  • The exercises of physiotherapist were very useful for local people.
  • Through Caravan, Alatoo could see if our earlier Community Development trainings were helping the community.
  • To share their thanks, communities prepared lunch and coffee breaks for the whole team.
  • People shared their health issues, which doctors helped with, and their life problems which the doctors listened to carefully. Often local people just need someone to listen without judging or telling advice.
  • Knowing better the mentality, traditions and culture of local people helped doctors do well for the clinic.
  • Members of the Caravan were flexible and competent.
  • Caravan gave opportunity for local doctors to gain experience.
  • There was good atmosphere, kind words and good relationship between doctors and local people.
  • People could see and experience TCL (tender loving care) from the Caravan.

Weak Points:

  • The rainy weather hindered our having the children’s training outside for two days.
  • Most of the leaders in Village #2 were away gathering grass in the mountains.
  • It was hard to organize lunch for more than 30 people in Village #2 due to lack of finances.
  • A number of people registered twice which caused confusion.

Plans for future:

  • We learned that local people never exercise and have a lot of back pain, so we want to work out special training on healthy exercises. We will invite the physiotherapist to train community leaders who will in turn share the information in the villages.
  • Prepare and give a list of special medical words beforehand to the translators.
  • If the village is poor and cannot provide lunch, we will buy food and give it to the community leaders to prepare.
  • To discuss with the village leaders how to improve their toilet system.

Please pray:

  1. That the Lord works in the hearts of the people in those communities through the activity of our Medical Caravan.
  2. For the Lord to be the head and the team will be lead only by Him.
  3. For the Alatoo team’s family, health and work.

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