Villagers learn lessons from hand washing to forgiveness

Seven years ago, Dariya Development started a community-based project called “Community Health Education” (CHE). The main purpose is to raise awareness of good health practices and moral teaching in villages. Communities form committees made up of volunteers who learn the lessons which the Dariya team models. Then the committee members teach these same lessons each week in their own villages. In these awareness sessions, villagers learn practical things like preventing and curing diseases.

In this area of Pakistan, most girls complete only 3-4 years of schooling and women are not allowed to travel outside their own villages. Thus, the women are especially motivated to learn the lessons since this is the only source of continuing education they receive.

In the chosen communities, since most people are non-literate, different teaching methods and techniques are used such as pictures, skits, and flip charts.

Example of lessons shared in communities

Moral Lesson Shared Stories Parables Shared Health Lesson Shared
Respect Lost Ship Hand Washing
Unmarried Relationship Lost Coin Scabies
Obedient Love Your Neighbor Diarrhea
Healthy Relationship Forgiveness Worms
Peace Wise & Foolish Man Fever


Impact of Community Health Education among children

  • Now 80% of the children wash their hands before eating after hearing the health lesson on Hand Washing.
  • Now 75% children help each other after hearing the story of Love Your Neighbor.
  • And now 75% children are respectful and listen to everyone after hearing the moral lesson on Obedience.
  • And they also learn to forgive after hearing the Parable of the Lost Son.
  • They also learn how to use their talent by sharing the Parable of the Talent.

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