Village women learn how to save a life—their own

Misinformation and lack of access to healthcare can make pregnancy and childbirth a death sentence for many women and babies in impoverished countries where there is little or no prenatal care. Families do not recognize warning signs of life-threatening complications in order to take appropriate action to save the life of mothers or babies.

To combat this reality, the BLiSS (Birth Life Saving Skills) Program was designed by the American College of Midwives to address the main causes of maternal and newborn mortality: postpartum hemorrhaging (bleeding), hypertension (high blood pressure), and sepsis (a severe blood infection).  By participating in drama and discussion, BLiSS course participants learn how to make healthy choices during pregnancy, newborn care, basic first aid for emergencies, how to recognize the warning signs of problems, and the importance of quickly accessing medical care if there are complications. Designed for an illiterate population, lessons are shown in images and drawings.


Dariya Development holds regular BLiSS trainings in rural Pakistani villages. Participants in a recent training share their comments about the training.


My name is Kaynat. I live in village “T”. I attended this training and learned many new things about women’s problems. These are the issues my mother and old ladies in my home did not discuss with me. Maybe they thought that was not good for me. But when I took part in this training, I realized that these things are so important in a woman’s life. Every woman should have knowledge about it, because many women suffer in this situation. So I shall share with other women what I learned. Thank you for raising my awareness about BLiSS.


My name is Noreen. I live in the same village as Kaynat. I am married. In this training I learned many new things about myself. I suffer with many problems but never discuss with anyone. I think it is very good to know about women’s issues. Before training I felt shame to share with doctors. Now I know it’s important to go to hospital for regular checkup. I liked learning about bleeding during pregnancy. I am very thankful to this organization.


My name is Shanza. I am very happy because I have learned many new things. When I attended first day, I told my mother that I learned about the way of the death and the way of the life, and other women’s problems that we ignore in homes. My mother said it is very good for my future. And I learned about a balanced diet during pregnancy.  I like the lesson on preparing baby and mother before delivery. I am very thankful to the organization and teachers.








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