Village no longer stinks!

We work with people to make their communities better, healthier places to live, and in the process, we build relationships and opportunities to share matters of eternal importance.

A village in our ministry area of Central Asia had two foul-smelling problems: First, the community “bathroom.” Second, the community dump site! Alone, these places were very smelly, but together, the smell was nearly unbearable.

We met with a young couple in the village and shared how they could remedy the smelly, unhealthy problem. The couple was excited and went to talk to their neighbors. Some of the families said they had a toilet, but those who did not came together and we worked with them to build a community toilet.

(After the toilet was built, those people who said they had a toilet admitted they did not have one!) Now about 8 families use this toilet.

Next, the dump site. It was next to the village water source. We talked with several of the villagers and encouraged them to ask the authorities for help to removing the dump! They asked for a vehicle and gasoline. Amazingly, the local authority supported them. The people worked together on the smelly job and got it done. Now villagers can drink the water without fear of contamination.

The next project we are helping the village with is to bring electricity to the homes on one street. After we shared a plan with one resident, she gathered her neighbors and talked with them. They all agreed that they needed to have electricity on their street. They chose several people to take their request to the electricity department. We hope to hear good news when we return there next week.

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