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Andy* often watches our TV show while he works as a night security guard. He said that he wasn’t intentionally looking for a Christian program, but he was attracted to it because the Sundanese language was so good. He remembered that Sari* was the host for several of our shows and thanked us for introducing him to the program. We think he may be a person of peace and are following up with him because he used the phrase, “Thank God,” in his text message.

Last week, Mr. L* went to the market to buy vegetables. The man selling the veggies had been on Hajj or pilgrimmage (this creates an instant societal promotion as everyone must address him now as Mr. Haji to show respect). All of a sudden, Mr. Haji recognized Mr. L as the host from our Christian television program. He admitted that he often watches our program and really likes the testimonies.

Lampstand Lay Training

A local Indonesian pastor, Santi*, shared how his wife, Indra*, reached back to her Muslim family of origin, even though Indra’s mother recently denied her inheritance:

Indra was told that on a certain date, her mother would divide up the family inheritance (the money came from the mother’s side). But Indra couldn’t go that particular day because of an important ministry obligation that couldn’t be changed. The day after the mother divided up the inheritance, Indra’s father made an unexpected visit and shared how bad he felt that she did not receive any inheritance because she had become a Christian.

All the other children were promised enough for a new car. But, when the family finances were finalized, they discovered that there wasn’t enough money to pay the family loans. So the siblings ended up inheriting nothing. In contrast, one of Santi and Indra’s children had succeeded so well in his job that he bought his parents a vehicle for their ministry. Pastor Santi’s church is composed of very poor people.

Santi and Indra felt that the Lord had both vindicated them and protected them from the emotional blow of attending the inheritance distribution meeting. In the days that followed, as Indra attended our training, the Lord softened her heart towards her family and led her to share the Gospel with them. Seeing his sister’s heart of forgiveness, a younger brother accepted Christ, along with his whole family. The Lord also directed Indra to help her mother, and as a result her parents are very open to the Gospel as well.

As I heard the details of this story, I urged Pastor Santi to train the younger brother to lead a Bible study with his own family. The wife’s family is a two-hour drive, and the pastor and his wife can only get there once a month. If they train the brother to lead a Bible study with his family, the brother and his family can grow in their faith and gradually reach out to his parents and others. Pastor Santi could provide ongoing accountability by phone as necessary.

Pray for the monthly Bible studies which continue once a month in five locations. Pray also for the trainees to overcome their fears to share their faith and that some can start Bible studies among new believers.

*Names changed for security.

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