Urgent prayer needed

The Shepherd’s Call team is under physical and spiritual attack.

  • The ministry leader, Adil, is having back problems that immobilize him.
  • Last month (January) their landlord gave them a one-day notice to move because the landlord’s house had burned down and he needed a place to live.
  • Lastly, Adil has been called in for interrogation by the police for a matter that had been settled two years earlier with the culprits found.

Currently Adil and his wife and children are living in two rooms in the church and sharing the kitchen with another family who needed a place to live. A total of 11 people (7 kids) are staying in two rooms. Adil wants to move his family to a neighboring town where housing is cheaper, but also scarce.

Please pray for the Lord to provide housing, the funds to rent or buy, and physical healing for Adil. Pray for patience for each member of both families as they are living in very close temporary quarters.

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