The Ups and Downs of Training in Ethiopia

Training Update from Alex

Over the past year, 880 people have participated in the 27 leadership development and church planting trainings I held in Ethiopia and a few outside my country. Participants all represent some aspect of church leadership or church planting. By God’s grace, as a result of the trainings, 212 new churches were planted this year, and four of them are with new believers from Muslim background. In addition, our Master Trainers in turn trained 19,670 church ministers and evangelists.

The trainings were all in the Ameharic and Oromifa languages and held in the northern, eastern, and central parts of Ethiopia. One was at a refugee camp in Uganda, and another in Cairo, Egypt.

Further Results

  • In many places we have seen change of personal life and ministry.
  • Some leaders are now giving their time to study the Word of God which they were not doing before. Now they know how.
  • Some people came from empty churches because of conflicts in their leadership. Now churches are full and peaceful.
  • Some leaders started to evaluate their call and ministry.
  • In all places, the leadership shared the training with the local churches.

Challenges to the Training

Every time we do the work of the kingdom, there are challenges. But the worst problem is when children of God become tools of the devil and challenge the work. This year I have seen careless ministers who come to participate in the training. They each care more about their work than God.

In some places, it was people’s 4th or 5th time to take the training, but they show no life change because they come in person only but their spirit is in another place. They try to demonstrate Christian life in speech but their deeds show the opposite.

The current condition of Ethiopia is another challenge. It is hard to travel to some places because problems can occur on the way, thus delaying the training.

Please Pray

  1. For the peace of the country
  2. For leaders’ commitment to learn
  3. Change of life on those who took the training
  4. Participants to apply the training in their churches
  5. For God’s protection when I travel

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