Your prayers are the catalysts our ministries need to do their work. As they work under the pressures of persecution and hardship, they rely on your intersession. This is a place where you can stay up to date on a ministry’s specific prayer requests. We value your time as you lift up these ministries to God. Thank you for praying!


Your prayers are the catalysts our ministries need to do their work. As they work under the pressures of persecution and hardship, they rely on your intercession. This is a place where you can stay up to date on a ministry’s specific prayer requests. We value your time as you lift up these ministries to God. Thank you for praying!


Prayer Request

September 18, 2018

Praise for the three disciple making trainings that were recently held in West Africa. Please pray that all who were trained will pass that along to new disciples.

Prayer Request

September 17, 2018

Our Area Director in the Mekong area is retiring in the coming weeks. Please keep his transition in your prayers, especially as we search for a replacement.

Prayer Request

September 16, 2018

Pray for all of the children that were impacted by the summer camps hosted by Camp Adonai in Central Asia. Pray that they would remain strong in their faith.

Prayer Request

September 15, 2018

Pray for the National Consultation taking place in South Asia in February. Pray that attendance would be great, and many would be reached with the Good News.

Prayer Request

September 14, 2018

Pray for the East Asia area, as several ministries are in need of more financial support. Pray that more partners would join in their work to help with funding.

Prayer Request

September 13, 2018

Continue to pray for the Global Women’s Initiative to have clarity and funding for the trainings they would like to accomplish in this new fiscal year.

Prayer Request

September 12, 2018

Please continue to lift up the ministry worker couple in Central Asia that still has not found a permanent home for their family. Pray for a quick end to this…

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Prayer Request

September 11, 2018

Please continue to lift up Jane, one of our workers in the Mekong. She continues to suffer from serious health problems and was recently hospitalized for a week.

Prayer Request

September 10, 2018

Continue to lift up the economic and political turmoil in Sudan and South Sudan. Pray for peace and openness to the Gospel where there currently is none.

Prayer Request

September 9, 2018

Pray for more church planters to rise up in Indonesia to witness to their people. There is so much need, and not nearly enough people to meet it.


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  1. H. Marlene Watson

    I pray for meaningful planning meetings in the Horn of Africa as per Partners International

  2. H. Marlene Watson

    I pray for the Partners International Ministries, that they may have enough leaders and sufficient funding.

    I thank God for the Mideast Prison Ministry.

  3. Sandra

    Lord we blessé ur name this morning cause there is power in ur name lord jesus and u r holy. And there is no other god like our jehoval god. Lord we Côme to u this morning behalf of ur people who u had choose to bring forth ur word to every corner of thé world i pray that as they prépare to carry our ur mission lord u will be with them in on out lord that thé word that they r going to speak to ur people will be inpact lord so lord as i pray that u will blessé this minister and the life u use to reach thé lost soûl lord in ur specious name i pray amen

  4. Margaret Thomas

    Heavenly Father, I pray that your loving hand will touch this mimistry and provide for its needs. In Jesus name. Amen

  5. Katherine Dobbins

    Dear Heavenly Father, I, come to you in love to let you know how much I love The Souls of men you know my financial needs and as you supply each day and I have not much money to help these poor and hurting people but I surely can pray and intercede that all who gives money and how to give gifts will make it to the mission field and not in corporations and high Office Buildings where it’s held up from where the real need is I asked you to intervene and get the message to the people who are in need of not only material things but you have their souls saved I pray in Jesus holy name amen

  6. Imonikhe Sunday

    My God Almighty help you drive your vision to logical conclusion in Jesus name

  7. Rhodrick Chagalamuka

    I thank God for the vision being carried out by Partners int. and my prayer is He shall keep on providing to them so that they will be able to show and share His love to as many people as possible.
    I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  8. Jennyffer Sinclair_Allen

    I come to you un a humble way Father God ,thank you For protecting this Ministry ,For blessing them with favor ,thank you For been our provider and For never leave them I Jesús name Amen

  9. Gaelle Joseph

    God I thank you for what you done for me in my life I pray you for this ministry help them with do so many things for this ministry in believe there is a lot of power in your name lord there is no other God I can compare to you help them to finish the mission for you all over the world help them to believe in your name because your are our God protect them with the enemy help them know that you are lord. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  10. marissa hasnani

    I lift up my brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted because they believe in you. Give them a peace of mind and the courage to continue believing in you.

  11. Bob Wood

    Prayer that I would be faithful to God’s vision of starting a community of Churches in the Mid Columbia, that share His vision of Missions; both local and global. And that the world would hear His Word!

  12. Msabila John

    In the name of Jesus I break every form of barriers standing against these ministries. I declare and decree victory, freedom,liberty and financial breakthrough as never before. In Jesus name. Amen.!!

  13. Msabila John

    In the name of Jesus I capture the souls of government officials in India who are against the gospel of Jesus I pull down their strongholds and everything exalts itself against the knowledge God. By the blood of Jesus I declare liberty and freedom in the name of Jesus who rains. Amen.!!

  14. Pastor Joseph Tamba MACHULAY Sr

    Father in the name of Jesus, I pray that this Commission reach it financial, materials and spiritual needs in order to bring many back into your kingdom.

  15. John sika

    I pray for the ministry for God to empower u to carry out his mandate , promote and propagate the Kingdom of God

  16. Reginah

    May Yahweh open doors for you and for those you serve. may He grant you a grand favor in all areas of need.. may He guide every decision that you make to the praise of His glory.. AMEN AND AMEN.. love you all


    Dears in the Lord,
    Join with you all for all that God has been doing through you for His kingdom.
    Keeping you all and your efforts to uphold the servant of God who are in need
    With much love and more prayers

  18. Andrew Mwarur.

    May the lord expand yourTerritories and open all locked financial doors and make you agiant ministry all over the world.Pastor Andrew Mwarur-kenya.

  19. Grace Nwamina

    I pray that wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the urgency involved is released upon all parties involved, which includes the souls themselves.

  20. Grace Nwamina

    I pray for ALL Africa leaders to be more sensitive to the plight of the citizenry.


General Ministry Fund – Living Gospel Ethiopia

The vision of Living Gospel Ethiopia is to see biblical, contextual churches planted among unreached people in Ethiopia and to see churches empowered and individuals mentored for spiritual growth in missions outreach. After 10 years of working with the ministry on a project basis and seeing the impact of this ministry and the growing scope to move beyond training, Partners International made this a full partner in July 2016. The focus of our partnership is to mobilize and develop leaders to effectively do church planting among Ethiopia’s unreached people groups.


General Ministry Fund – Shepherd’s Call, Central Asia

The mission is to promote a physically healthy, emotionally rich, and spiritually developed future generation of Central Asian believers. Their vision is to bring Jesus into the homes of children all over Central Asia and to see the Body of Christ growing and multiplying.


Transforming Communities

Help in the here and now, hope for eternity. Holistic ministry – reaching out to the “whole” person, physically and spiritually – is our partners' key strategy for evangelism in the hardest to reach, least-Christian places. Not just because Christian compassion demands it, but because it is how Jesus approached His own ministry.


General Ministry Fund – West Africa

Our partners in West Africa are church-planting ministries focused on sharing Christ with Muslims and unreached tribal groups including the Dagomba, Ligby, Tuareg, and Wolof. We also support holistic projects that address the tremendous humanitarian needs in the region and demonstrate the love of God. While we assist a variety of projects, we also believe that developing the core of the Church—its leaders—and helping ministries increase their own income-generating capacity are essential to the health of the West African Church in the future.