Update on Trainings that Took Place Before the Shutdown

Home Church Children

Just before the Coronavirus outbreak and ensuing shutdown, our Alatoo Community Development team was invited by a home church leader to give trainings for the children in his home church. The 24 children who came were from unbelieving and believing families. Our four trainings were based on the Bible and were “Strength of the Word,” “Truth and Lies,” “You are Unique,” and “You are Talented.” 

The children did not think that the ability to read, speak a foreign language, be a good friend, draw, etc. are gifts from God, but we shared that those little things are talents as well. We asked the children to write down their talents and gifts from God which they happily did. Every training touched their hearts and minds. Also, they could see the strength of the Word in practice. May God’s words work in their hearts. 

KGIC Before covid update

Tuberculosis Center

Not long after that, we held our second training and art therapy workshop for the patients in the TB center. We are thankful that the Lord has opened the door for us to minister there. God takes care of them through our team. We taught about prayer using Bible stories of David and Samson. They asked what book we were using. We explained that it is Holy Scripture. They listened to the stories attentively asking questions. They had heard some stories before. They said the stories seemed closer to their hearts than those in the Koran. 

Through the stories, we shared about the strength of prayer and prayed with them in their own language. They were surprised that we could contact God simply and pray in the local language. We asked them for any prayer needs and wrote them on a poster in the room. They will be able to see the requests and keep praying for each other until our next visit. 

The hairdresser on our team cut the hair of 12 TB patients. On our next visit, we plan to give each person hygiene packages (shampoo, soap, socks, toothpaste, and brush, etc.). We will also bring food and share a meal together. 

School Training 

In one of the local villages, we trained high school children about “Human Trafficking,” “Moral-ethical Behavior,” “Personal Hygiene for the Girls” and “Planning for the Future.” For elementary school children and teachers, we taught about “Why do we get sick?” and “Tooth Care.” They like trainings very much. This time they were waiting for us when they had no lessons. More children came than before. 

During the training on Moral-Ethical behavior and personal hygiene for the girls, we taught about women’s physiology, menstruation, prevention of early sexual contact and pregnancy, and Bible principles for building a healthy family. 

Tooth care is one of the biggest problems among the children because of lack of information from their parents. All information was new and helpful for them. One boy in a class honestly said that he had never brushed his teeth before. Many of them began to brush their teeth from first grade. At the end of the lesson, we gave each student a toothbrush and toothpaste. Now they know how to take care of their teeth and prevent teeth problems. 

We visited S. village leaders twice this month. We also thank God for the previous seed project (to insulate the water pipes reservoir). It was successfully finished by the village leaders. They were encouraged to be able to do something for their community. The leaders chose the next problem and began researching to build the corridor of the dining room at school. The problem is that the outside cold comes into the room and the meals get cold. They are learning how to fill out a project proposal using Community Development principles steps. In the future, they want to complete one big governmental project proposal. Please pray for their desire, effort, and heart. 

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for TB center patients, medical staff, and for our future contact with them.
  2. For the school construction projects in one of our focus schools.
  3. God can fulfill His vision in His Will and widen his Kingdom wherever our team steps in.

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