An Update on the Fulani Outreach

J G kneeling to greet Sheikh Issa as custom demands

Two of our church planters continue to diligently reach out to the Fulani people group in their camp. They are still working to build lasting relationships with them, while at the same time introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every time our church planters visit their camp, they are given a warm welcome by Sheikh Issa – the Muslim cleric of the camp. He would often ask them when the camp’s request for a well would be met, and the replay was always, “God will provide”.

Our workers have been pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome they continue to receive from the Sheikh, and they hope that the eventual provision of a well for the camp might pave the way for the Gospel to enter the hearts of the Fulani people. We hope that the well will not only help to quench the physical thirst that these people have for clean water, but that it would also quench the spiritual thirst that they have yet to realize they are experiencing.

These same church planters also do outreach work at another Fulani village with a population of more than one hundred people. According to our workers, some Arabs have built a mosque and an Arabic school in this village to compete with the academy established by our church planter and his family as part of their outreach to the Fulani kids. The Shalom Academy is seen as a threat to the growth of Islam in the village, and as a result, various attempts have been made to cause it to fail. Through it all, we trust God not to allow this to happen, and we continue to pray for the influence it might have on this village.

Please also join us in prayer that God will, through His people, enable us to provide the Fulani camp with a well. Pray as well for our church planter and his family to be resilient in their outreach.

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