Update on Nivaan’s Trip

Joshua Vision India IWILL Training has helped many women to gain self-confidence and also serve the community with humility and love. Many of them have become change-makers in their respective places. This is an update of Nivaans story [posted Jan 11th, 2019].

She is well educated and holds a BA in English Literature. In 2016 she attended JVI’s Master Trainer program under IWILL (Indian Women in Lord’s Labor).


“The training at IWILL changed my perception of missions,” says Nivaan.

She led a team of seven youths to her neighboring state. “I am overwhelmed with joy, as God heard and answered our prayers,” said Nivaan. The team calls themselves “Called to Serve.” The team was praying that God would open doors for them to visit the neighboring state. The group started saving money for their trip and initially planned to visit in March, yet they could not save enough money for their trip but somehow made the travel.

“Our trip was exciting, but we had a difficult time,” said Nivaan. It was a stressful trip; we traveled by bus for 16 hours. “We forgot our physical tiredness when we welcomed by the women from one of the community people group,” she added. The women of peace in the village was Jen*. “Initially, we thought of doing our work among other people group, but the Lord led us to this people group through Jen” She and her neighbors opened her house for the team to stay for a week.

During the one week stay, Nivaan’s team was able to build a friendship with a woman and shared the gospel. Eight women and two men accepted Christ as their savior. Follow-up is needed for these people.

  • Praise God that Nivaan was able to mobilize and lead a team
  • Praise God for the safe travels of the team.
  • Praise God that the team was able to witness among the local people group. Praise God for the few openings they had to witness
  • Please pray for Nivaan, as she further mobilizes young people in her church for the ministry in a neighboring state.
  • Pray for Jen, as she is going to disciple the seekers.
  • Pray that God would prepare tent-making missionaries to serve the Lord in the neighboring state.


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