Update From Our Christmas Season

The winter season is busy for us, but in the midst of the business, God is moving. We want to share with you how our Christmas season went this year.

We had a great winter season, one of the significant parts was our Christmas outreach events we hosted for children. Children enjoy the Christmas season and what better gift to give them than the gift of knowing Christ!? We hosted several events for children in different areas of the Holy Land where Muslim, Christian and Jewish children attended. Each event was a great opportunity to share the Gospel message with hundreds of children along with the joy of Christmas. We distributed books of Bibles stories and small gifts.

The message was clear that Jesus came to our land because He loved us so much that He didn’t want us to have eternal separation from God. All the children had a wonderful time at these events, and you could see the joy on their faces. Some events were hosted with the help or facilities of a local church. The Bible stories we left behind will be used by some churches to teach their children about God’s story of salvation for us all. We are glad to share this treasure with many people and encourage the local church to take their responsibility in advancing the kingdom of God here in the Holy Land.


The amazing thing is that one of the non-Christian children’s leaders at an event asked us to ensure we gave Bible books to the non-Christian children so that they may have knowledge of other religions and not grow up with hate in their hearts as many in our land, very sadly, do.

This was extraordinary as most non-Christian leaders would be against sharing a Gospel message with children and suspicious of any attempts to do so. We saw the hand of God in this event, and we pray that those children from a non-Christian background who received a piece of the Gospel in their hands for the first time will come to know the Lord.

We praise God for the success of these events and all those opportunities to touch every single soul with the message of hope.

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