Bible Translation and Media Ministry: Update from Berber Evangelistic Association

Master on board

So far this year, we have been encouraged by the progress of all our projects, despite the difficulties of managing and empowering different teams to take over ministries. So many times, we have seen the kindness of our Lord in the coordination of the work He has given us. Our God is the Master on board.


Three challenges are prevalent right now. Firstly, it is hard to monitor all the people who come to the Lord through the TV and audio-visual distribution. Secondly, many churches do not have space to accommodate the new believers. And, thirdly, we need the younger individuals to start taking responsibility for different aspects f the ministry, so that we have people in line for succession.

Bible translation

In our translation work, we have revised several of the Old Testament books, and the rest are currently under review. Unfortunately, we’re having a little difficulty finding qualified people to do the work. Additionally, more New Testament books have now been translated, with others soon to be completed. Our vision is to have the complete revision of the Old Testament within two years, so that we can print the entire Bible in the language being worked on. We pray that it will be used in churches and in the media for the edification of the people being reached. Already, several women, who had never been to school, have heard the Gospel in their mother tongue. They are now learning to read and write in their language, and are currently reading the New Testament with their families in their own language. These women are encouraging others to do the same.

Media and TV production ministry

CD cover produced by BEA
CD cover produced by BEA

During the first half of the year, we produced 10,070 CD/DVDs, two music albums, other singles and 159 TV programs. We received 10,838 calls from viewers, and (after follow-up) our team reported 150 people coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we accomplished our goal of translating and releasing The Jesus Film. We aired it on our TV programs and got a great response. Hundreds of people came to the Lord after watching the film in their language.  Also, praise God, we have a new person to help the media project. Our ministry’s goal is that the gospel can enter every house in Algeria and that our church will build powerful programs

A/V Production Studio
A/V Production Studio


We are very grateful to all of you, who are supporting us in different ways from other parts of of the world. We extend our heartfelt thanks. Together we are doing much to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to share the truth with those who have never heard.

Please pray

  • for more qualified individuals to work on the translation and revision of our Bible translation.
  • that the Lord will keep us in good health and sustain harmony in families.
  • for our team, for God’s gifts of strength, encouragement and preparation in assuming responsibilities as some members retire.
  • for more workers to be part of the follow-up team to the TV program respondents.
  • for the protection of crew members, pastors and teachers, who are engaged in the production of the audio-visual programs.

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