Update for Middle East Prison Ministry

We are finalizing our visits to prisons for the year 2018.

We have had the opportunity to share testimonies with the police officers at the prisons, along with the inmates. Even though Islam values being generous to those who have least, the officers and staff of the prisons have a hard time understanding why we visit on a regular basis. When we visit, we share our love with them, pray for them, and help them with their needs. Every time we get an opportunity, we testify the difference and importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

 Here are a few of our recent updates on what our ministry has been up to:

  • We finished our fifth prison visitation cycle for 2018. Our team of volunteers visited the 15 prisons and delivered the message of hope and love to more than 300 inmates of many different nationalities.
  • We were blessed to have new volunteers during this cycle, who were very enthusiastic to join the team. They had a great impact on the prisoners because of their love and encouragement towards them.
  • We heard about one of the foreigner inmates in the women’s prison was held in prison for an administrative case and was set for bale. She did not have enough money to pay for it, it was a $6,000 fee. We helped her by paying the remaining amount that she couldn’t afford, now, she is ready to go home.
  • We also helped Mr. S, he had finished his sentence but couldn’t afford a ticket to get back to his family, whom he had lost all contact with during his imprisonment. We helped pay for his ticket home.

Thank you for your support in 2018.

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