Unequal Marriage Causes Family Conflict

Unequal Marriage Causes Family ConflictM* came to the Lord ten years ago, after being a Musilm for his whole life before that. He was a business person, and he kept witnessing for the Lord among the communities where he worked and traveled. Now his two daughters have grown up, and are old enough to marry. He wanted both of them to marry Christian men, but only his elder daughter followed this wish. His younger daughter was married to a Muslim man.

In the beginning everything was going well with the second daughter, but slowly the family started to create problems for M*. She has been questioned by her family about why she made this decision. At one point she came to her parents with her husband and several community leaders to ask him to return to his previous faith, otherwise he would have to face the consequences. Even in the face of this, he refused to deny Jesus. These discussions continued for three months. Finally last Friday, on the ninth of February, his son-in-law, along with some religious leaders came to his home while only M’s* wife was home, and pronounced that he was ending the marriage with M’s* daughter over this disagreement.

Please keep this family in your prayers.

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