Unemployed Man Gains More than a Job

This Cahaya Suku church planting team consists of three families — team leader John* and his family and Rich* and Donny* with their families. The island where they serve experienced bloody conflicts between Islam and Christians in the year 2000 where more than one thousand people were killed. Since then Christians are rarely willing to share the Gospel with Muslims in this area.

Tad* is one of several Muslims who heard the Gospel over the past three months. Tad was looking for work last November and asked Rich if he knew of any openings. Rich helped him find vacancies on Facebook. That’s when Rich had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Tad. Tad’s heart was softened and he believed in the Gospel message and wanted to be prayed for.

The following days they met several times for discipleship. Rich shared about the meaning of and importance of baptism. However, Tad was not ready to be baptized. Then, on November 24, Tad called Rich wanting to meet. He was ready to be baptized. Rich continues to disciple Tad.

Both church planters, Rich and Donny, were having difficulties meeting the needs of their families with the monthly support they received. Usually, they ran out of money before the end of the month. They were trying to find ways to meet their families’ daily needs.

We thank you so much for your generous gifts that are helping church planters like Rich and Donny care for their families and reach out to Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that they remain strong and enthusiastic in this ministry. Pray also that God will touch Muslims and open their hearts when the name of Jesus is shared and that they confess Him as their Savior and Lord.

*Names changed for security.

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