Uber Ride Proves Uplifting

Last Saturday, Dottie*, one of our staff members at our media productions, arranged a ride home with an Uber driver on motorcycle. These phone-based ride services have become very popular in Indonesia because they are cheaper than using a traditional taxi or official motorcycle driver. It also provides the driver with an extra source of income for part-time work.


Dottie chatted with her driver, Adam, as they weaved through traffic. He had recently started watching our Sundanese Christian talk show. He identified the show’s host as “the old guy with white hair.”


Adam began sharing his story with Dottie and told her some of his difficulties. He previously worked for a catering service but it didn’t pay enough to make ends meet. That is why he became an Uber driver.


Dottie replied that a joy-filled life is really not dependent upon money, but rather dependent upon being thankful for what God provides. Adam said, “That’s the gist of what I heard on the TV program.”


When they arrived at Dottie’s home and were settling the bill, the driver again thanked her for listening and for reminding him what real joy is. Please pray for Adam that he would be prompted by the Holy Spirit to keep watching our TV show and find salvation.


*Name changed for security reasons

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