Two Released Inmates Finally Return Home

Just a few days ago, our mission team returned from visits to the fifteen prisons in Jordan where we do ministry. All of the visits were very encouraging, and our team witnessed incredible changes in the lives of the prison inmates they visited.

This quarter, we were privileged to welcome two inmates out of prison.

The first inmate, Al*, is a young man from Romania who spent seven years in prison. He was recently released, but was kept in detention for eight additional months because he had lost all contact with his family and friends during his imprisonment. We constantly encouraged him and prayed over him during our many visits. After his release, we welcomed him home and spent some quality time getting to know Two Released Inmates Finally Return Homehim and his friend from a different background. This friend was in prison with him, and he told us that the whole time they were together, Al* never stopped talking about the ministry team and how they cared for him and provided for his needs throughout his imprisonment. The friend was affected by Al’s* passion for our ministry, and encouraged by the work we are doing in the prisons.

The second inmate is a lady from Ethiopia who, we were delighted to find out, is innocent from the charge that put her in prison for two years. Because she had no money, we helped her by buying her a plane ticket to her home country to be reunited with her family. Later she sent us a photo of her sitting in her living room, thanking us for everything our ministry did for her.

We are currently preparing for our October cycle of prison visits, and we are thankful for the ladies who volunteer every month to package the gifts we provide for the inmates we visit. Their sweet spirits and

JEPM3 women packaging gifts for inmates
JEPM3 women packaging gifts for inmates

enthusiasm for ministry boosts our excitement for meeting with the beloved inmates during the hard times they are facing.

Please pray for the following:

  • Open doors with management staff at all of the different prisons – that they would give us the freedom we need to spend quality time with the inmates.
  • Open hearts and changed attitudes for the inmates – that they would come to know Jesus and become disciples.
  • Protection for our team during their visits to remote locations in Jordan. These last two cycles, our teams were in car accidents, and during the last one they were caught in a police chase and the insurance refused to cover most of the repair expenses for the van we use.
  • Financial provision for the ministry, since repairing the van consumed a big share of the ministry’s budget and plane tickets for the two released inmates made it difficult to cover our other expenses

*Name changed for security reasons

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