Two Longtime Friends Share Jesus

Eko is 70 years old and Mego is 75, and they both confessed to believe in Jesus in September 2019. We met and spoke to them in different places. Both of them, after several times of meeting and talking, gave themselves to be baptized. The Bible stories we told during our meetings had to be repeated several times so they could understand. In fact, in some meetings we repeated the same story. We are grateful that they keep giving time to study even though they often had difficulty understanding the stories.

Since the spread of COVID-19, Eko and Mego lost their jobs. Eko used to help other people sell agricultural products at the traditional market, but now he works to grow vegetables behind his house and catch fish in the river. Mego used to work as a massager. When they’ve been in need, we’ve helped them by providing rice, eggs, and other necessities.

Even though we met these two men separately and they separately gave their lives to Jesus, we recently learned that Mego and Eko have been friends since they were young. Their villages are just over a mile apart. In one meeting at Eko’s house, Mego unexpectedly showed up. So we told Mego that Eko has also become a follower of Jesus. “That means we are the same!” said Mego. Then we suggested that they should be discipled together so that they can support each other. They agreed, and we began discipling them outside their village for security reasons.

Eko and Mego shared the Good News with their wives many times, and finally in August 2020, almost a year later, their wives made the decision to believe in Jesus. After that, the men brought their wives with them to our discipleship meetings, and in September their wives were baptized. We encouraged Mego and Eko to disciple their wives in their own homes while we continue to disciple them, so that multiplication can occur. As we train Eko and Mego, they in turn disciple those they shared the Gospel with, including their wives.

Along with sharing the Good News with their wives, they also share it with their friends. In the last three months, Mego shared with four friends and Eko with two people. Even though none of them has believed it yet, we are very grateful that they have started witnessing to their friends. We doubted at first whether Mego and Eko would be able to share the Good News with others because they had difficulty understanding and memorizing the stories we told. But, God enabled them to share the Good News with others and lead their wives to believe in Jesus Christ. God can use anyone.

  • Pray that the discipleship process with Mego and Eko will continue to go well in the midst of COVID-19
  • Pray that the faith of their wives will grow and that they will be discipled well
  • Pray for their friends who have heard the Good news that they will open their hearts to know Jesus Christ and believe in Him
  • Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in sharing the Good News, discipling, and training believers

Names changed for security.

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