Two Families of New Believers

Nam‘s Family

Southeast Asia Farmer

Two church planters in Indonesia first met Nam (53) at the end of August when they were on their way to a new ministry area. Nam was resting on his farm. After getting acquainted, they shared the Gospel with him. His heart was touched by the news of the forgiveness of sins, so he believed, and they prayed for him.

¬†After he believed, the church planters went to Nam’s house several times to visit him, but they could only meet with his wife and parents because he was busy. The church planters were moved to share the Gospel with them too. Nam’s wife and parents later said that they had heard the news of the forgiveness of sins from Nam. They also came to believe in Jesus and were prayed for.

As a team, the church planters prayed for the opportunity to baptize Nam and his family. A few weeks ago, they revisited this family. Praise God, Nam and his wife were at home, so they baptized them that day. Nam was happy to know that his parents also had come to believe in Jesus. Pray that Nam and his extended family will have strong faith and boldness to witness to others.

Dan‘s Family

In early November, Tin, a church planter in Indonesia, visited a new believer named Dan for discipleship. In the midst of their discussion, Dan’s brother-in-law, Sahn, said that his mother had fallen ill. Tin wanted to pray for Sahn’s mother, but he wanted to share the Gospel with Sahn first. Sahn was open to hearing it, which opened the door for Tin to pray for Sahn’s mother in the name of Jesus Christ.

Before, Tin had difficulty praying and mentioning the name of Jesus within this extended family since not all of them were believers. Praise God! That afternoon Sahn’s mother also wanted to be prayed for, and that was the first time the name of Jesus was exalted in that house. Tin and Dan were so happy.

A few days later, Tin received the news that Sahn’s mother had recovered after being prayed for in the name of Jesus. It was indeed a miracle. Tin and his teammates had also been praying that Dan’s wife, Kim, would have an encounter with Jesus. Dan really longed for his wife to be saved. He had already shared the Good News with her, but she had not made a decision.

On November 20, Tin and one of his teammates paid another visit to Dan’s house. At that time, he had the opportunity to share the Good News with Kim. Finally, Kim wanted to believe in Jesus. She was led in prayer to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! Pray that this family will become a house church that glorifies God.

Names changed for security

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