Trusting the Lord

girl reading Bible

Savy received a Bible through our Bible Distribution project.

My name is Savy. I am 16 years old and study in 9th grade. Both of my parents are farmers and I have one sibling. The Lord has enabled me to become a person who obeys my parents, can think well, and make good decisions. It has been wonderful to be able to help my parents. I can do all these things because the Lord is in my heart.

During these times of uncertainty, I was encouraged and strengthened by the Bible distribution, fellowship with friends, and studying the Word of the Lord. Reading Luke 7:1-10, I learned how the Lord healed the servant of a Roman soldier by the power of Jesus. The Roman soldier trusted God and believed in Jesus, so in turn his servant at home, miles away, was healed! That story showed me that God can heal a person through their trust in Him and prayer.

When I first heard about COVID-19, I was so worried and afraid. But then I remembered that God is on my side and I can always go to Him in trust and faith. I continue to thank God for giving my family and village peace and protection from this dreaded disease. Truly, the Lord is the giver of peace, harmony, and health. I pray that we will continue to stay safe and that He will provide a solution to this problem. Amen.

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