Troas Retreat, Camp & Conference Center

Troas Retreat, Camp, Conference CenterLast December 2014, we finally began construction of the main building of the Troas Retreat, Camp and Conference Center. Although the snow and rain kept the project stalled in January and February, at last we finished it this summer. Now we need to acquire equipment to be able to receive groups of up to 60 people. Once this building is completed, we plan to build five more buildings with four apartments in each.

The Troas Center, Lord willing, will be used as a turning point for the growth of the Heavenly Kingdom in Turkey and beyond. Churches are already starting to ask to use the facilities. The Center will provide a place for training for the local and international believing community, generating income for other local projects, and recovering the spirit and power of the crucial events experienced in this location during NT times. We pray the Center grows into an international theological training center for next generations, not only for Turkey but for students of other countries.

On one of our first visits to Troas Center, we had breakfast in a small cafe in a nearby village. We shared the Gospel with the cafe owner and gave her the New Testament. This July 2015 we visited her again and asked if she remembered us.She did and she shared that she is still reading the Gospel and that she loves Jesus so much. Still she needs to understand the Gospel better but this encourages us to see how the people of this region are eager for the Good News.

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