Transforming Communities through their Children

Our academy was started in 2000, after we were sent by MKM to be missionaries to the Somali people. At that point there were no good schools among them, and the ones that were in operation, regardless of their quality, were not enough to meet the needs of the many children in the area. Even now, most of the schools operating there are Muslim schools, and these do little to help development in the region.

Transforming Communities through their Children

After many prayers and consultations, we felt God leading us to start a school as a platform for our ministry to the Somalis. The two main needs that we planned to target were the need for quality early childhood education, and the need for technical skills training after high school. We have been meeting these needs ever since we started, but in recent years there have been many other private schools started to compete with ours. These are mostly non-Christian schools, as the area is predominately Muslim. The hope of these schools, and the government behind them, is to dwarf our Christian run schools and eventually make them unnecessary. They are hoping that by meeting these needs in their own schools, there will be no place for ours.

Until we are forcibly shut down, we will continue after our mission as we always have. Our school is meant to teach and mentor these young Somali children through basic education in line with the guidelines of the Kenyan Ministry of Education. Through this, we seek to impart God’s Kingdom values to the young Somalis through the values of loving and respecting everyone, and proper discipline. We have also started building into our curriculum God’s value for His creation. One way that we have done this is by involving the children in planting trees. Our school is located in a semi-arid area of Kenya, so taking care of the environment is crucial. The children are also involved in community peacemaking in the village, which helps to minimize clan conflicts. Transforming Communities through their Children

One girl who moved through our program from the time she was a small child, Zainab*, has an incredible testimony, and stories like hers are the reason we continue our ministry. She came from a very poor family and had no father. Her immediate family was rejected by their extended family due to the fact that her mother came from the wrong tribe, which is the reason she was divorced. In Zainab* we saw great potential, and an opportunity to help her discover it. She was admitted into our school, where she was educated free of charge until eighth grade. At that point, she was admitted into a good secondary school, which she recently completed. She was later admitted to study law at Harvard University. We are so proud of all of her accomplishments!

Please continue to pray for us, as we are in need of updated technology for our classrooms, as well as more missionary teachers to help us meet a need that we currently do not have capacity for.

*Name has been changed for security reasons

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  1. Joyce Mutiso

    Praise God!
    That’s great of you. I’m doing the same here sponsoring a school and bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Pastor Joyce


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