Training Up a Pastor to Train New Pastors

Training Up A Pastor to Train New PastorsWhen my leaders encouraged me to pastor the local church planted in our village with 55 families, I was reluctant because I am untrained. Up until this point, the church had been led by a trained, full time pastor who was from the same tribe. Though I was reluctant at first, I attended a series of trainings conducted by Church Growth center.

This training was different from others I had experienced. It was biblical, interactive, and easy to follow. After the training, I took over the leadership responsibilities of the church, along with the elders, and started the work of a full time pastor. The previous pastor then moved on to a new village to start another church plant, where the process will begin again.

I continue my work at the same factory I have always been employed at, and as such I am a bi-vocational pastor. This is because I don’t receive any salary for pastoring this church. Our church is growing, and now the entire village is following Christ.

Our next step is to reach out to the migrants who are living close to our village. Our training work is growing steadily and continuing to produce results. Now they have 3396 baptized believers and 35 churches. Praise the Lord!

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