Training of Master Trainers (MTs)

commissioned master trainer S (center) works with a drug addict to get freed from drug addiction.

The Master Trainers did their field research in their respective mission fields and returned the third week of January. Their training included learning the “drip irrigation” system, taught by an agricultural scientist. The weather conditions have become unpredictable and the Indian government has taken up measures to help farmers by providing drip irrigation infrastructure at subsidized rates. Irrigation reduces crop stress and also regulates the timing of moisture application for good crop yields. This skill will not only help the Master Trainers but also enable them to guide and help poor communities that they plan to reach.

We were sorry that some of the participants who joined the MT course had to drop out because of genuine family-related circumstances. The seven remaining students were commissioned the last week of April. Please pray that we will be able to get a good group for the next training.

S’s Story — “I was a drug addict for many years, and most of my friends lost their lives to addiction. I was a Hindu, but God transformed my life in 2002 and now I am an instrument in God’s hand, bringing other addicts to experience this transformation,” says Pastor S from M state. He was commissioned as a Master Trainer in April 2011. He planted a church that now has about 35 believers attending. S is burdened to reach the people of higher social strata. He says, “My sister is married to a Brahmin and her husband is a believer. This has given me an opportunity to share the Word with 10 Brahmins.”


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